The Polish Federation of Hospitals (PFH) has announced a ground-breaking step for the healthcare sector in Poland. With the signing of a letter of intent to integrate unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in medical transport, the federation has signaled its readiness to embrace the future.

This move, part of the innovative New Science Technology Agency U-SPACE, ushers in a new era of efficiency and quality in medical services. The focus is not merely on transportation of medical samples and organs for transplantation but also towards creating a robust network for drone operations.

**Boosting Healthcare Efficiency with Drone Technology**

With close ties to the drone technology industry, the PFH plans to develop a network that will facilitate swift and secure transport of medical samples between laboratories and healthcare facilities. The aim is to leverage drone technology to curtail delivery times, thereby making diagnoses and treatments more efficient.

For medical supplies that require quick delivery, dedicated platforms will be created. Drones, in this context, present a perfect solution, dovetailing into the larger healthcare service spectrum seamlessly.

**Transforming Organ Transplant Logistics with U-SPACE**

The U-SPACE system will be a game-changer in organ transplant logistics. With advanced cooling systems integrated into drones, there will be significant improvements in the delivery speed and maintenance of optimal conditions for organs during transit.

These significant strides, leveraging advanced AI technologies, are set to revolutionize the Polish healthcare market. The PFH is pioneering a future where modern methods of medical service delivery are not just aspirational ideas, but the norm.

**Poland as a Leader in Healthcare Innovation**

The signing of this letter of intent by PFH underlines Poland’s progressive role in adapting drone technology in the healthcare sector. The addition of drone services to augment traditional medical transport services aligns with the federation’s commitment to healthcare decarbonization.

The project is being coordinated by Michał P. Dybowski, Director for Sustainable Development (CSO) of PFH. The entire initiative is a testament to the federation’s vision of a sustainable healthcare system that transcends traditional divisions.

With this significant step forward, the Polish Federation of Hospitals continues to steer the healthcare sector into a future powered by technological innovation.

Media Contact:

Michał P. Dybowski

Chief Sustainability Officer


+48 699 710 477