“Do not be afraid of the hospital”

A campaign of the #PFSz (Polish Hospital Federation) in Polish: #niebojsieszpitala
Proposed hashtag in English: #fearhospitalNOT

General information
“Do not be afraid of the hospital” campaign initiated by the Polish Hospital Federation #PFSz aims to alleviate the EXCESSIVE fear of patients in the era of COVID-19, because of which medical procedures necessary for health reasons would not be performed, or would be carried out too late.

The campaign is to be implemented, through:
• Sharing good practices implemented by hospital chief executives in cooperation with medical and administrative staff
• Showing innovative technologies that increase the safety of patients who come to hospital
• Cooperating with stakeholders of the health care system, who care about the safe and timely diagnosis and hospital treatment of patients
• Informing and educational activities for the safe resumption of full operation of hospitals
• Promoting the availability of modern methods of infection prevention in hospitals, including the availability of high-quality laboratory tests for the diagnosis of pathogens, especially coronavirus causing COVID-19 disease
• Lobbying to maintain the best financial condition of hospitals at the stage of “defrosting the economy”

We invite all healthcare system stakeholders to participate.

Ligia Kornowska, MD – PFSz Managing Director, ligia.kornowska@pfsz.org

Initiation and supervision
Jaroslaw J. Fedorowski, Univ. Prof., MD, PhD, MBA – PFSz President