Croatian Association of Hospital Managers and Polish Hospital Federation exchanged letters of intent initiating cooperation between the organizations.

“Our goals are to integrate healthcare managers on the national and international level, to exchange knowledge, and to promote good practices in healthcare management” – stated leaders of both organizations – prof. Zeljko Mateljak from Croatia and prof. Jaroslaw J. Fedorowski from Poland.

Croatian Health Managers Association – Hrvatska Udruga Menedzera u Zdravstvu (HUMZ) was founded in Split on 15 December 2024, at the Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism University of Split, as the first association of healthcare managers in the Republic of Croatia. The basic idea of the Association is the connection and synergy of members, who work and operate in healthcare organizations with the aim of more efficient management of healthcare systems in the Republic of Croatia and contribution to enabling better access and development of the quality of healthcare for all its users.

Polish Hospital Federation – Polska Federacja Szpitali (PFSz) was founded in Warszawa on 11 Oct 2011 as a nongovernmental organization of hospitals represented by their managers.  PFSz covers over 550 hospitals. It associates hospitals regardless of their ownership model, specialty profile, size, or location in Poland. PFSz is the full and active member of the European Hospital Federation HOPE, as well as the International Hospital Federation IHF headquartered in Geneva – that is the one and only global hospital organization.  PFSz’s vision is the sustainable healthcare system beyond divisions, mission is to integrate hospitals, and leading strategy is to promote good practices in hospitals.

15 Jan 2024. Split Croatia and Warszawa, Poland. European Union.